A14 ADH Arthur David Hancock Arcade Travelling
A30 DT Global Events & Attractions Giant Wheel Travelling
B80 RW Ritchie Wilmot Arcade Travelling
BX04 YVU Allan Sharp Dodgems Ride Sold
BX07 OSF Hornes Dodgems Travelling
BX07 OXA Asa Taylor Waltzer Travelling
C20 LEG Ervin Gamble Car Track Ride Sold
DX53 CNY Asa Pullar Round Up Travelling
F84 AUS Derek Charles Slater Dodgems Replaced with DC51 TER
FJ10 UOS Kyle & Warren Taylor Miami Travelling
FJ54 PDZ Stanley Sharp Toyset Travelling
G763 UBW Marcus Black Juveniles Travelling
GJ08 YCP Asa Taylor Waltzer Travelling
GN03 RYZ Gavin Stirling Twist Sold
J39 BSO Wesley Clarke Juveniles Retired
K3 DHT David Thomson Booster Travelling
K752 OFT Morgan Miller Side/Juveniles Replaced with FG59 OJH
KO56 LXS Craig McKay Dodgems Travelling
KS12 LWD Warren Taylor Dragon Coaster Travelling
KT53 KGT Sean Taylor Slide Travelling
KX09 XPH Mitchell Wilmot Extreme Travelling
KX53 EBC Rodney Johnstone Matterhorn Travelling
KY51 CTX Carl Pinder Kiosk Travelling
L3 AVR Warren Taylor Jumper Sold
L420 KSX George Irvin Dodgems Retired
L818 CAB David Thomson Side Retired
LK59 GZF Global Events & Attractions Giant Wheel Travelling
M119 WKF Brandon Miller Kiosks Replaced with Y607 BSX
M826 DBJ Hornes Dodgems Travelling
M948 LJA Hornes Support Travelling
M951 WBS James Arthur Wright Roller Coaster Ride Sold
MUI 2350 Grant Wallis Dragon Coaster Ride Sold
N136 GSD Emile Davis Funhouse Travelling
N19 TSS Hornes Freak Out Travelling
N21 BFS David Thomson Afterburner Replaced with Y665 UGX
N288 YMS Morgan Miller Dodgems Travelling
N292 XRM Stanley Gamble Living Wagon Travelling
N413 USB Neil Dorward Living Wagon Travelling
P606 UAH Graham Sedgwick Rotor Retired
P859 SYG Graham Sedgwick Living Wagon/Rotor Travelling
PF08 UGL Rio Irvin Hooplas Travelling
PN05 ETT John Wheatley Fun Factory Travelling
PO54 FHR Ritchie Wilmot Cranes Travelling
R157 OPV M&D's Theme Park Side Travelling
R636 EWW Billy Reader Side/Juveniles Travelling
R940 NSL William Cowley Stall Travelling
S562 WUK Charles MacIntyre Side/Juveniles Travelling
S659 KHY Trent Irvin Hoopla Travelling
SD61 ONW Warren Taylor Twist Travelling
SF03 EHN Mitchell Wilmot Extreme Replaced with KX09 XPH
SF03 VPA Kevin Carter Joint Travelling
SF57 KXO Tim Findlay Side/Juveniles Travelling
SJ08 TAY Dean Stirling Funhouse Travelling
SN08 AFE David Taylor Smashing Jump Ride Sold
SY56 AFX Billy Burns Funhouse Ride Sold
T728 RSX Ritchie Wilmot Side/Juveniles Travelling
T729 RSX Tim Findlay Side/Juveniles Travelling
T99 MWT Mitchell Taylor Extreme Travelling
W693 RSF David Joseph Sharp Side/Juveniles Travelling
X507 KET John Bateman Kiosk Travelling
Y153 JAW Harry Paris Juveniles Travelling
Y21 LFB Aaron Boswell Ghost Train Travelling
Y607 BSX Brandon Miller Kiosks Travelling
Y665 UGX David Thomson Afterburner Travelling
YJ54 PBZ Morgan Miller Dodgems Travelling
YN03 EWZ Anthony Strand Juveniles Travelling
YN06 CBV Taylors of Edinburgh Gallopers Travelling
YO02 ORN Hornes Twist Travelling