A20 TD M&D Taylor Booster Maxx Replaced with M6 CYT
AY06 CVX Brian Hickey Simulator Travelling
CWL 712 Charlie Lawson Kiosk Retired
DX08 AWO Douglas Codona Waltzer Travelling
DX13 DZL Debbie & Ashley Francis Kiosks Travelling
EU04 FJJ Graeme Johnson Simulator Travelling
EU09 FKO David Taylor Booster Maxx Travelling
FG59 OJH Morgan Miller Side/Juveniles Travelling
FJ06 CMX Jamie Hercher Waltzer Travelling
FJ53 TXX Justin Codona Dodgems Ride Sold
FJ60 KKB Global Events & Attractions Various Travelling
FJ60 KKD Global Events & Attractions Various Travelling
FN63 CWV Carrick Broughton Hoopla/Juveniles Travelling
G10 OJT David Taylor Twist Travelling
GN09 EOA Carrick Broughton Ghost Train Travelling
H619 TSS John Wilmot Turbo Ride Scrapped
HY09 JZD Brandon Miller Kiosks Travelling
KX05 EHD Philip Paris Jolly Tubes Travelling
KX05 EHP Philip Paris Funhouse Travelling
MF52 OGE Arthur David Hancock Arcade/Bingo Replaced with A14 ADH
MK63 VCL Douglas Codona Twist Travelling
MW03 TEU Michael Clarke Juveniles Travelling
MX05 NGY Sheldon Johnstone Car Track Travelling
MX06 EFO Fraser Coats Side Travelling
MX06 LWD Chance Hanley Kip Wagon Travelling
P790 ASA M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Replaced with M7 WTS
PF05 CAA Troy Taylor Juveniles Travelling
PN06 VYJ Vance Smith Juveniles Travelling
PN07 UDK James Hercher Big Wheel Travelling
PN08 HPF Fraser Coats Living Wagon Travelling
PN57 FDC Craig Tunstall Rock'O'Plane Travelling
R813 BEG Hornes Giant Cranes Ride Sold
RA51 NNB George Pinder Side/Juveniles Replaced with NX08 HKD
SB13 PGU James Hercher Miami Travelling
SF03 XRC George Henry Codona Twist Replaced with RX07 DXW
SF54 LCW James Hercher Various Travelling
SG11 NHP Emile Davis Funhouse Travelling
SG61 TWX Clive Miller Side/Juveniles Travelling
SV02 FDC Hornes Waltzer Exported
SW05 VHE Jamie Hercher Waltzer Travelling
T44 BJW John White Jnr Tagada Replaced with SF07 ASV
TC54 TAY Alfie Clarke Ribtickler/Juveniles Travelling
VX07 KKB Aden Johnstone Slide Travelling
WV54 CVN Thomas Howard Donelly Kiosk Travelling
WX10 AKK Ervin Gamble Side Travelling