DC51 TER DC Slater Dodgems Travelling
DG02 NVC Chance Hanley Skydiver Travelling
DS 8061 Derek Charles Slater Miami Travelling
EU53 CFV Taylors Of Edinburgh Waltzer Travelling
FJ07 AKU Sheldon Johnstone Skydiver Travelling
H8 RBV Hornes Various Travelling
K33 JHK Jared King Ghost Train/Juveniles Travelling
M6 CYT Global Events & Attractions Various Travelling
M634 PGS Hornes Support Travelling
M7 WTS Global Events & Attractions Giant Wheel Travelling
M862 RRM George Irvin Ghost Train Ride Sold
M792 THH Derek Charles Slater Side Stall Equipment Sold
MH02 OCO Derek Charles Slater Living Wagon Travelling
MV58 THN Justin Codona Dodgems Ride Sold
N590 LBJ Gavin Stirling Waltzer Ride Sold
P541 JSD Justin Codona Jumper Replaced with FJ53 TXX
PN05 GGX Global Events & Attractions Various Travelling
PX09 CCE Ryan Colquhoun Gallopers Travelling
R241 CHB Christian Horne Living Wagon Travelling
R77 JED Hornes Dodgems Travelling
RX07 DXW George Henry Codona Twist Travelling
S30 GHC George Henry Codona Miami Travelling
S50 GHC Cameron Codona Twist Travelling
S587 JAL Arthur David Hancock Arcade/Bingo Replaced with MF52 OGE
SA03 CSE Mitchell Coats Ghost Train Travelling
SF08 ACU Hornes Dodgems Travelling
SF57 NTD Wesley Smith Toyset Travelling
SF51 EJC Trent Irvin Arcade Travelling
SL63 YSS Hornes Waltzer Travelling
SL66 OBE Jefferson Taylor Waltzer Travelling
SQL 992 Kenneth Stirling Superbob Replaced with YN55 LSL
SV04 DUH John Horne Arcade Equipment Sold
SV52 UOP Hornes Miami Travelling
SV61 AVY Bennett Hiscoe Twist Travelling
SW09 LLP Global Events & Attractions Rollercoaster Travelling
T1 RVN Trent Irvin Funhouse Travelling, Previous Reg PG08 WRW
V135 DRS Dean Stirling Funhouse Replaced with SC64 FUW
W651 GSA Dean Stirling Side Stall Travelling
WX07 EDT Michael Stirling Waltzer Travelling
X428 CCA M&D Taylor Smashing Jump Ride Sold
Y683 RSA Hornes Juveniles Travelling