A502 PKH Alfie Clarke Side/Juveniles Replaced with TC54 TAY
A607 CRM Albert Wheatley Twist Retired
A666 URL Spencer Hiscoe Miami Replaced with WK06 EHP
A670 KEH Michael Stirling Miami Replaced with SF06 LGN
B24 SUM John Wheatley Miami Replaced with M497 XVT
B384 TST George Morrison Arcade Retired
B44 GRM Trent Irvin Arcade Replaced with SJ51 EJC
B784 RWX Sheldon Evans Miami Replaced with SR51 KVT
B84 SUM Troy Taylor Tristar Replaced with M860 PKN
B996 KSX Irvin Stringfellow Twist Replaced with M7 GGN
BU53 TUV Gavin Stirling Waltzer Ride Sold
C506 TEH Sammy Stokes Funhouse Travelling
C834 CYE Eddie Pinder Funhouse Replaced with X379 SSM
C945 YPY Darren Cowley Funhouse Replaced with YK04 BRF
C976 RSO Iain Morrison Waltzer Travelling
CE52 WOR Joe Taylor Waltzer Travelling
D47 UVO Sheldon Johnstone Superbob Replaced with R801 RPY
D637 WSA Norman Thomas Side/Juveniles Retired
D763 FUW Stewart Miller Roller Ride Sold
E262 BRS Allan Sharp Dodgems Replaced with BX04 YVU
E967 HRY Robert Coats Funhouse Replaced
E177 JVN Stanley Gamble Tagada Ride Sold
E178 JVN Hornes Twist Sold
E943 JVT Hornes Miami Replaced with SF08 ACU
F436 UEF Ritchie Wilmot Arcade Retired
G401 KAH Ervin Gamble Car Track Replaced with C20 LEG
G432 EFS Vance Smith Slide Sold
G458 CFS M&D Taylor Booster Replaced with A30 DT
G564 NNS Gavin Stirling Waltzer Replaced with N590 LBJ
G646 WST Asa Taylor Waltzer Scapped, Replaced with GJ08 YCP
G975 ARF Darren Cowley Arcade Retired
H144 VHS Hornes Waltzer Replaced with S289 UAS
H196 JBF Brian Hickey Miami Replaced with P626 RNW
H609 OCY Mark Hercher Round Up Ride Scrapped
H807 DBC Trent Irvin Basketball Ride Sold
H807 RMS Iain Morrison Waltzer Travelling
HBZ 5899 Owen Taylor Dodgems Replaced with MH05 FRX
J548 DCJ Derek Charles Slater Miami Replaced with DS 8061
L112 PRE Tommy Hughes Juveniles Unknown
L623 KHH Hornes Dodgems Replaced with R77 JED
M7 GGN Irvin Stringfellow Twist Replaced with R881 TNN
MH05 FRX Owen Taylor Dodgems Ride Sold
N42 WVN Gavin Stirling Miami Retired
N755 FEX Irvin Stringfellow Miami Replaced with W296 BOA
N812 BST David Taylor Various Travelling
NX04 AFN Grant Wallis Skydiver Travelling
P201 TGB Douglas Codona Waltzer Travelling
P458 OLM Michael Hickey Tagada Replaced with WX06 XMF
P626 RNW Brian Hickey Miami Unknown
PY52 HWW Harrison Stirling Miami Travelling
R456 PRM Joe Taylor Waltzer Replaced with CE52 WOR
R474 OST Dean Stirling Orbiter Ride Sold
R559 SRA Nathaniel Codona Arcade Sold
R633 AMX Asa Taylor Waltzer Scapped, Replaced with BX07 OXA
R931 VDS Hornes Twist Unknown
RX51 WCT Kane Taylor Dodgems Travelling
S289 UAS Hornes Support Travelling
S645 COU Harrison Stirling Miami Replaced with PY52 HWW
SN05 BXK Justin Codona Dodgems Ride Sold
SY04 ARU Irvin Stringfellow Afterburner Travelling
SY04 BNB Graham Sedgwick Rotor Travelling
SY06 AOL Jensen Codona Dodgems Travelling
SY51 BOF Irvin Stringfellow Waltzer Travelling
T669 BST Douglas Codona Miami Travelling
T680 BRS Joe Taylor Waltzer Travelling
V997 FEC David Taylor Waltzer Burnt Out, September 2022
W54 UGU Tommy Hughes Funhouse Travelling
W296 BOA Irvin Stringfellow Miami Replaced with PX06 CSZ
W893 NST Troy Taylor Tristar Travelling
WX05 ZXW Ervin Gamble Rollercoaster Travelling
WX06 NXC Gavin Stirling Twist Travelling
WX06 XMF Michael Hickey Tagada Travelling
X72 JLK David Thomson Giant Wheel Travelling
X479 HEE Troy Taylor Round Up Ride Scrapped
Y149 BSG Cameron Codona Twist Replaced with S50 GHC
Y344 HMY David Taylor Miami Travelling
Y776 WAO Stanley Gamble Jumper Travelling
YK04 BRF Darren Cowley Funhouse Travelling