849 BRV Ashley Woods Miami Travelling
A11 ELH Hilda Hall Ghost Train Replaced
A22 GVT Anthony Harris Miami Travelling
A717 JWU John Murphy Miami Ride Sold
AB54 AAA George Brett Booster Travelling
AB54 ARE Andrew Hanriess Seastorm Travelling
B842 EET Farrar Shaw Waltzer Travelling
BU04 DXF Stewart Robinson Tagada Travelling
BX05 TEO Jan DeKoning Afterburner Travelling
C738 YNW Andrew Harniess Seastorm Replaced with Y368 UON
C835 FWT Farrar Shaw Extreme Travelling
C948 YDC John Murphy Waltzer Ride Sold
DO04 EMS Stewart Robinson Dodgems Travelling
DX05 AEA Jamie Clark Freak Out Travelling
DX54 RUW Billy Crow Jumper Travelling
E156 NNX James Cox Move It Ride Sold
E158 NNX James Mellors Big Ben Ride Sold
E245 HPL James Mellors Rollercoaster Ride Sold
E443 JAS James Mellors Rollercoaster Ride Sold
E654 OWT Kent Litliernhurnest Enterprise Travelling
E678 OWT Alan Crow Waltzer Replaced with Y984 HUB
E735 KNR William Hancock Orbiter Ride Sold
E882 KNR David Wallis Ali Baba Ride Sold
E905 FRY David Wallis Frisbee Ride Sold
F236 RRY David Wallis Frisbee Ride Sold
F3 GER James Smith Skydiver Travelling
F457 XWT Michael Cowie Car Track Unknown
F523 CWN Stewart Robinson Dodgems Travelling
F648 RFS Michael Gallagher Twist Replaced with R235 GCK
F770 RVT Richard Smith Stalls/Funhouse Travelling
F957 UHN Arthur Robert Moody Juvenile Replaced with NX04 BYN
FJ03 HHG John Gill Funhouse Travelling
H504 EJU Billy Crow Miami Replaced with P611 DHN
HCY 270W William Belson Mirror Maze Travelling
J126 KHW James Mellors Big Ben Ride Sold
J29 KBG Charles Holden Gallopers Travelling
K331 KCA Curtis Eddy Funhouse Travelling
K732 ANE Richard Smith Skydiver Travelling
L341 TFM James Mellors Rollercoaster Ride Sold
L346 UFM Stewart Robinson Twist Replaced with NX55 BWC
L405 PCL James Mellors River Rapids Ride Sold
L552 TKF Shaw Wallis Drop Tower Ride Sold
L695 MSC John Murphy Dodgems Ride Sold
L696 MSC James Mellors Rollercoaster Ride Sold
L852 JVU Joey Silcock Speedflip Ride Sold
LX03 HPP John Murphy Jumper Travelling
M361 YCL Ryan Crow Rollercoaster Travelling
M785 FNR Kent Litliernhurnest Enterprise Travelling
M810 JFP Nathan Hart Booster Ride Sold
M819 JFP Brady Turvill Slide Travelling
M906 PDB Andrew Harniess Seastorm Replaced with AB54 ARE
M907 SNB James Mellors River Rapids Ride Sold
MX55 AOG Dane Crow Tip Top Travelling
N528 HTC John Wesseldine Acrobat Travelling
N769 TFL Farrar Shaw Waltzer Travelling
N845 LHS Keith Turner Miami Travelling
NX55 BWC Stewart Robinson Twist Travelling
ODN 565M John Walter Shaw Waltzer Replaced with N769 TFL
P14 JMH Shaw Wallis Drop Tower Ride Sold
PX51 EVD Trevor Dailey Side Equipment Travelling
R683 NRX Billy Freeman Waltzer Travelling
R832 RST John Wesseldine Living Wagon Travelling
R971 CWY Michael Cowie Superstar Ride Sold
RX05 ETT Gerald Reeves Matterhorn Unknown
S154 KLM Michael Wallis Booster Replaced with SJ55 HYZ
S158 KLM Raymond Eddy Jumper Ride Sold
S414 UAO Jimmy Bowry Skid Travelling
S600 PMC Alan Crow Jumper Travelling
SA03 YTY Brett Graham Gallopers Travelling
SF54 GYO Keith Turner Jumper Travelling
SJ55 HYZ Scott Holland Booster Travelling
SN54 CCU Marcus Cubbins Living Wagon Travelling
SPE 111S Freddy Stokes Superbob Ride Sold
SV52 UDE Charles Holden Log Flume Travelling
SY04 BNB Dale Manders Inversion Travelling
SY05 APO William Henry Clark Freak Out Replaced with YX58 CCK
T231 HRA Elliott Storey Kiosk Travelling
T316 KCC Jan DeKoning Dodgems Sold to Michael Thompson
Replaced with BX05 TEO
T809 XVO Robert Keeble Kiosk Travelling
TPT 377K James Crow Gallopers Ride Sold
V607 KWT Anthony Finnie Arcade Travelling
W592 PAE Barron Hart Matterhorn Travelling
W67 UGU Macauley Hart Rollercoaster Ride Sold
W901 PRM William Roberts Tagada Replaced
WX05 ZYF Joseph Cogger Jumper Ride Sold
X103 AEN Brinley Gore Jumper Travelling
Y164 DEP Billy Crow Twist Travelling
Y368 UON Andrew Harniess Seastorm Travelling
Y784 GEU Leighton Holmes Arcade Travelling
Y983 HUB Ryan Crow Waltzer Travelling
Y984 HUB Ryan Crow Waltzer Travelling
YA04 WXN Terry Atha Waltzer Travelling
YJ04 VCA Stewart Robinson Waltzer Travelling