A716 EDC Alan Crow Waltzer Replaced with Y983 HUB
B1 MDO Lawrence Bishton Gallopers Replaced with B15 HOS
B11 OSP James Furborough Living Wagon Travelling
B15 HOS Lawrence Bishton Gallopers Travelling
B281 BMA Keith Turner Tagada Replaced with N829 BSC
B99 DWJ David Wallis Gallopers Travelling
BWK 200Y Michael O'Brien Superbob Replaced with N253 SVP
C3 ANR Andrew Robinson Side Travelling
C429 VAJ Peter Richardson Side Travelling
D1 EGA Katie Johnson Kiosks Travelling
D410 HDM Asa Ashcroft Living Wagon Unknown
D875 BRY Lawrence Bishton Gallopers Replaced with B1 MDO
DK51 EBO Jenson & Michelle Stewart Funhouse Travelling
DK51 OJW Albert Barker Rodeo Travelling
E413 YNC Lawrence Bishton Cakewalk Replaced with X3 BLB
E562 AOB William Roberts Matterhorn Ride Sold
E647 SOG James Crow Gallopers Ride Sold
E653 SOG Howard Bros Helter Skelter Travelling
F374 OEH Barry Turvill Slide Replaced with KM02 ZJX
F593 NBL John Hunt Sweets Stall Replaced with PO56 EKX
F764 DWW Billy Freeman Rotor Replaced with V811 KUB
F794 LTY Howard Bros Slip Travelling
F859 RVN Dane Crow Extreme Replaced with X993 JGA
F919 URL Bert Holland Dragon Coaster Replaced
FC04 PNV Thomas Morris Living Wagon Travelling
FRY 388Y Michael Harris Dodgems Travelling
G19 NNJ Glenn Jones Side Travelling
G3 BKG Brett Graham Gallopers Replaced with SA03 YTY
G755 SNL John Graham Arcade Travelling
G956 LWD Gareth Smith Arcade Travelling
G969 ALL Billy Crow Twist Replaced with Y164 DEP
GN03 LFA Frankie Smith Car Track Travelling
H510 CLF William Henry Clark Waltzer Replaced with BF52 HAO
H832 FAD Alan Heal Living Wagon Replaced with MX51 YDA
H973 ATV Jimmy Bowry Skid Travelling
HV02 WVP Victor Graham Arcade Travelling
J13 AGO John Bagnall Funhouse Unknown
J205 EYA Peter Richardson Side Travelling
J217 PNA James Stokes Sweets Stalls Replaced with R499 XSD
K148 FWW Edward Percival Games Stall Travelling
K413 HUG Steven Hill Living Wagon Travelling
K501 GYB Michael O'Brien Big Wheel Travelling
L125 MRC Billy Crow Tango Ride Sold
L262 SLV Jimmy Crole Side Travelling
L267 SLV John Whiting Juveniles/Side Replaced with D137 TOO
L401 ANP Billy Freeman Waltzer Travelling
L524 MHH George Burrows Juveniles Travelling
L54 JHD Brandon Bishton Waveswinger Ride Sold
L606 MYD Robert Mayne Kiosk Travelling
L629 HVT William Henry Clark Twist Replaced
L66 CHS Garry Michael Leach Haunted House Ride Sold
L7 WHC William Henry Clark Waltzer Replaced with BF52 HAO
L73 UFL Whyatt Vernon Kiosk Travelling
M116 LNE Billy Crow Tango Ride Sold
M228 UBW Jamie Whiting Ghost Train Travelling
M287 RSX Edward Percival Side Equipment Travelling
M330 TVT Darren Matthews Dodgems Travelling
M358 ADM Charles Harris Twist Travelling
M360 SAO Keith Turner Waltzer Travelling
M461 VER Anthony Harris Living Wagon Travelling
M499 NBE Steven Cubbins Games Stall Unknown
M671 BSU Alfred Twilley Side Travelling
M876 FKH Warren James Take Off Ride Sold
M880 BCA Michael Gallagher Runaway Train Travelling
M960 NUJ Keith Turner Waltzer Travelling
MX51 YDA Alan Heal Side Equipment Replaced with LF05 NLZ
N15 LLP William Cubbins Helter Skelter Travelling
N169 ELG Lee Wassell Shooter Travelling
N245 SVP Elliott Parker Slide Travelling
N253 SVP Michael O'Brien Superbob Ride Sold
N291 PFU Alfred Twilley Arcade Travelling
N30 WJC William Cowie Juveniles Travelling
N524 KHW John Bagnall Superbowl Ride Sold
N678 ARH Thomas Morris Giant Pick Travelling
N703 WNE Walter Murphy Capriolo Replaced with YN06 SXA
N808 CNC Raymond Armstrong Dodgems Travelling
N829 BSC Keith Turner Tagada Travelling
P137 EFL Robert Hill Show Unknown
P138 EFL Jay Dean Storey Juveniles Travelling
P184 PWS John Lock Hooplas Travelling
P260 KVU Jamie Clark Dodgems Ride Sold
P528 PAF Nicholas Peel Living Wagon Travelling
P585 JVV Andrew Robinson Funhouse Travelling
P586 JVV James Smith Misc Travelling
P602 LLG Reece Newsome Living Wagon Travelling
P608 LLG Redmond Hill Funhouse Travelling
P611 DHN Billy Crow Miami Travelling
P959 PUB Michael Harris Superstar Travelling
P993 GKK Joel Smith Chairs Travelling
PY54 XAE Scott Pullen Matterhorn Ride Sold
R253 CDN James Hill Side Equipment Travelling
R534 GNS Steven Hill Miami Replaced
R6 NYM Renny Mulhearn Giant Pick Travelling
R853 REG Stevie Boswell Round Up Travelling
S150 RNB Jamie Clark Dodgems Ride Sold
S481 RCA Jonathan Scarrott Starflyer Travelling
S534 RCA James Crecraft Living Wagon Travelling
S768 BDO Keith James Living Wagon Travelling
S770 BGD Jamie Whiting Ski Jump Travelling
S805 BVK John Bagnall Superbowl Ride Sold
SF03 KVR Kenny Raywood Kiosk Travelling
SF51 RNO Joey Silcock Speedflip Ride Sold
T658 NEF Mitchell Smith Round Up Travelling
T665 NEF Alex Crow Top Scan Retired
T853 ASM Marcus Cubbins Tagada Ride Sold
V372 LLG Jan DeKoning Dodgems Replaced with PO58 DWP
V394 XJY James Crecraft Super Trooper Travelling
V811 KUB Billy Freeman Rotor Travelling
V840 LOF Paul Derry Hooplas Travelling
W519 OSW Arthur Newsome Side Travelling
W811 BOV John Holdsworth Living Wagon Travelling
WV02 GKL Darren Matthews Capriolo Travelling
WX51 YCW Edward Percival Giant Pick Travelling
X3 BLB Bimbo Bishton Cakewalk Travelling
X504 CMB Jordan Crole Rotor Travelling
X659 EFL Scott Pullen Kiosk Travelling
X67 NYG James Finnie Living Wagon Travelling
X681 HEE Alan Crow Dodgems Travelling
X993 JGA Dane Crow Extreme Travelling
YJ03 UXB Derek Hackett Project X Replaced with CX57 BKE