Details of rides leaving Scotland.

Sold to Shaun James Wesley (England),
December 2023

Sold to Mellors Group (England),
July 2023

Sold to Henry James Evans (England),
June 2023

Sold to John Arthur North (England),
June 2023

Sold to Alexander Wallis (England),
May 2023

Sold to Lincoln Cowie (England),
May 2023

Sold to Garath Thomas,
March 2023

Sold to Jamie Bell (Ireland),
March 2023

Sold to Lee Wayne (England),
Early 2023

Sold to Ashley Bacon (England),
October 2022

Sold to Tom Smith (England),
August 2022

Sold to Macauley Hart (England),
May 2022

Exported to Spain,
March 2022

Sold to Stanley Freeman (England),
February 2022

Exported to Italy,
November 2021

Sold to Gateway Resort (Wales),
October 2021

Sold to Stephen Kelly (Ireland),
October 2021

Sold to Paul Grubb (England),
May 2021

Sold to Robert Cooper (England),
May 2021

Sold to Walter Murphy (England),
April 2021

Sold to Shady Scarrott (England),
End 2020

John Charles Matthews (England),
October 2020

Sold to Terence Storey (England),
March 2020

Sold to France,
December 2019

Sold to Spain,
December 2019

Sold to Grant Tattam (England),
October 2019

Sold to George Gess (England),
April 2018

Sold to Dale Manders,
March 2018

Sold to France,
March 2018

Sold to Keith & Brett Turner (England),
March 2018

Sold to Graham Stokes (England),
February 2018

Sold to Cullens (Ireland),
February 2018

Sold to Adrian Shaw (Wales),
October 2017

Sold to David Guest (England),
September 2017

Sold to Anthony Price (England),
February 2017

Sold to Albert Jones (England),
February 2017
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Sold to Pat Fox (Ireland),
February 2017

Sold to Charles Porter (England),
November 2016

Sold to Michael Piper (Ireland),
November 2016