29th December 2002 - Irn-Bru Xmas & New Year Carnival report added.

29th November 2002 - New 'Locations' section added. Carlisle Bonfire Fair added to Fair reports.
24th November 2002 - Dunfermline Xmas Lights Turn On Fair Rpeort added to section.
18th November 2002 - Glenrothes Bonfire Fair added to Section.
9th November 2002 - Barshaw Park, Paisley added to reports section.
6th November 2002 - Dunfermline Fireworks Display fair report added to section.
5th November 2002 - Reuben Slaters Dodgems and Photo of Cameron McKays Skydiver added to rides index.

29th October 2002 - Photo of Reuben Slaters Zipper added to section. Cameron McKays Skydiver added to rides index.
26th October 2002 - Airdrie, Kirkintilloch and Dalkeith Reports added to section.
24th October 2002 - Rosyth and South Inch reports added to section.
14th October 2002 - Codonas & Stringfellows site added to links. Dundee fair report added to list.
10th October 2002 - Photos added to Kings Park report. Photos of Warren Taylors Jumper, Bennett Hiscoes Dodgems and M+Ds Reverse Bungee added to rides index.
9th October 2002 - M+D's Log Flume added to Coaster section.
4th October 2002 - Revamped site uploaded to server. Stenhousemuir report added to August reports.

27th September 2002 - Beith, Largs and Greenock fair reports added.
20th September 2002 - Grangemouth fair report added
18th September 2002 - Gyle Valentines Carnival and Prestwick fair reports added to section.
15th September 2002 - Kings Park, Irvine Marymass, Nairn Highland Games and Leuchars Airshow reports added.

30th August 2002 - Callander Park and Kelso Festival fair reports added.
26th August 2002 - Message Board stopped due to company starting to charge webmasters.
17th August 2002 - Braehead Shopping Centre added to fair reports.
15th August 2002 - Edinburgh Meadows and St.Andrews Lammas Fair reports added to the reports page.
10th August 2002 - Gyle Shopping Centre, Innerleithen and Inverleith Park reports added to reports page.
8th August 2002 - Blackpool Comes to Glasgow and updated Burntisland reports added to section.
6th August 2002 - Added Turriff, Peter Fair and South Queensferry reports to page. Terry Wrights Waltzers and Twist added to rides list.
1st August 2002 - Pages in main menu given make over.


31st July 2002 - New Burntisland and Inverkeithing reports added to reports page. Links page given make over.
30th July 2002 - Added Message Board to site.
28th July 2002 - Douglas Codonas Waltzers added to ride list.
27th July 2002 - Rosyth and Galashiels reports added.
26th July 2002 - New Burntisland report added.
25th July 2002 - Changed homepage. Added Parks as new section. Added M+D's report to Parks section.
22nd July 2002 - Gossip page updated.
20th July 2002 - Added second quiz to section. Added Airth report to section.
19th July 2002 - Owen Taylors Dodgems, Thomas Wilmots Miami added to ride list. Pictures of Ryan Spencers and Justin Codonas Waltzers, David Thompsons Superbob, Brian Hickeys Miami, Troy Taylors Tri-Star, Thomas Stringfellows Superstar, Damien Batemans Round-Up, Albert Wheatleys Twist, Harry Millers Ghost Train and Stanley Gambles Tagada added to ride list. Photos added to Burntisland (11th July) and Alva reports. Dundee, Selkirk, Armadale and Forth added to fair reports. Updated Burntisland games day with written report.
18th July 2002 - Douglas Codonas Miami added to ride list. Spencers website added to links page.
17th July 2002 - Added Harry Millers Ghost Train to ride list.
16th July 2002 - Added Codonas Theme Park to links page.
14th July 2002 - Added written report to Alva. Added Statistics as new section. Added new Burntisland report.
13th July 2002 - Photos for George Codonas Twist, Spencer Hiscoes Skydiver and Miami, George Irvins Dodgems and Clifford Codonas Waltzer added to rides index. Photographs added to Burntisland (25th June). Added Quiz as a new section.
11th July 2002 - Burntisland and Alva Reports added to reports page.
10th July 2002 - Added Gossip/News section. Also added Funfair Site Ring. Added Loudoun Castle to links page.
5th July 2002 - Added 4 new reports to reports page. Added some rides to ride list.
3rd July 2002 - Updated Hometown Fairs and added Dunfermline to reports page. Added new links to links page.
1st July 2002 - Added new pics to ride list. Added photos to Newcastle Report.


29th June 2002 - Added Newcastle Fair Report.
27th June 2002 - Added "layouts" to some reports.
26th June 2002 - Added some GIF images to menus. Changed background.
25th June 2002 - Updated South Inch and Kirkcaldy reports with text report. New Burntisland report added.
24th June 2002 - Twist list updated and added new links to links page. Photos added to Grangemouth report.
23rd June 2002 - Some photos added to rides index, photos added to Perth and Dunfermline reports. Mailing list added.
21st June 2002 - Added Site Counter and Guestbook, and started up this update page.
20th June 2002 - Website uploaded to server and open to public for first time.