This is a database of Scottish transport both past and present.


A20 TD M&D Taylor Booster Maxx Replaced with M6 CYT
CWL 712 Charlie Lawson Kiosk Retired
EU04 FJJ Graeme Johnson Simulator Travelling
FJ53 TXX Justin Codona Jumper Travelling
FJ60 KKB M&D Taylor Various Travelling
FJ60 KKD M&D Taylor Various Travelling
H619 TSS John Wilmot Turbo Retired
KX05 EHD Philip Paris Jolly Tubes Travelling
KX05 EHP Philip Paris Funhouse Travelling
MF52 OGE Arthur David Hancock Arcade/Bingo Replaced with YJZ 3082
MW03 TEU Michael Clark Juveniles Travelling
P790 ASA M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Replaced with M7 WTS
PN06 VYJ Vance Smith Juveniles Travelling
R813 BEG Hornes Giant Cranes Ride Sold
RA51 NNB George Pinder Side/Juveniles Replaced with NX08 HKD
SF03 XRC George Henry Codona Miami Travelling
SV02 FDC Hornes Waltzers Travelling
T44 BJW John White Jnr Tagada Travelling
VX07 KKB Aden Johnstone Slide Travelling


A14 BTE Sheldon Evans Mini Jets Travelling
A20 DT M&D Taylor Mad Mouse Retired
A378 HND Joe Sedgwick Dodgems Replaced with N223 KSU
A618 OOT Justin Codona Waltzers Replaced with L106 MRS
A761 JSW Stanley Gamble Juveniles Retired
A765 HHA John Wheatley Funhouse Travelling
A899 UHU Nolan Stewart Cranes Retired
AUD 51Y Douglas Codona Miami Replaced with T669 BST
B1 BON M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Travelling
B40 TF Tim Findlay Side/Juveniles Replaced with T729 RSX
B285 DLG Preston Irvin Side/Juveniles Travelling
B289 OLG Bennett Hiscoe Dodgems Ride Scrapped
B630 FSX Arthur David Hancock Arcade Replaced with S587 JAL
B637 FSX Marc Codona Waltzers Replaced with R115 YFU
B650 FSX John Horne Arcade Replaced with N292 XRM
B852 YGB John Bateman Rock'O'Plane Replaced with J32 LLB
BTO 375T Charles Walter Codona Mirror Maze Scrapped
C185 HMJ Andrew Taylor Toyset Unknown
C279 HBH Bennett Hiscoe Twist Travelling
C303 CVM Kyle & Warren Taylor Miami Replaced with FJ10 UOS
C562 VFH Michael Clark Juveniles Retired
C928 TSC James Biddall Side Equipment Travelling
COL 13Y M&D Taylor Various Retired
CRE 224T Billy White Waltzers Ride Sold
CSO 402T George Irvin Slide Retired
D146 FFD Hornes Misc Unknown
D621 VMO Jimmy Thomas Rock'O'Plane Retired
D636 FUW Billy Johnson Rock'O'Plane Retired
D649 UGB Jensen Codona Skydiver Retired
DK55 DOA Derek Thomas Top Spin Travelling
DKF 678X Bennett Hiscoe Dodgems Ride Scrapped
E595 JSP Billy Reader Living Wagon Replaced with R559 SRA
E645 HND Trevor Smith Dodgems Travelling
E65 VKA Philip Paris Arcade Replaced with MK02 LGE
E730 RJS Nathaniel Codona Arcade Replaced with R559 SRA
E815 NSF Reagan Evans Dodgems Retired
ETB 661V John Tom Taylor Arcade Retired
F340 GTA Jordan Evans Slide Travelling
F392 MSR George Allan Hickey Funhouse Sold
F438 MKS Graeme Johnson Skid Travelling
F483 LBA Harry Miller Roller Coaster Sold
F549 NJR Jimmy Slater Waltzers Travelling
F551 VSC Stewart Miller Roller Coaster Sold
F606 GRS Graham Sedgwick Rotor Replaced with P606 UAH
F859 RVN Martin Slater Twist Retired
F877 SSF Wesley Clark Chair'O'Planes Ride Stored
F904 SSF Stewart Miller Roller Coaster Sold
F917 SSF John Irvin Side/Juveniles Travelling
F94 CAV Gareth Thomas Snake Slide Ride Sold
F944 SSF Trevor Smith Dodgems Travelling
F972 SSF Ryan Spencer Waltzers Travelling
FDM 195X Graeme Johnson Skid Travelling
FNR 649L Ritchie Wilmot Side/Juveniles Retired
FYA 155Y Tommy Hughes Funhouse Scrapped
FYA 156Y Jordan Evans Waltzers Travelling
G320 NFR Wesley Smith Slide Replaced with S510 GFM
G358 CSO George Henry Codona Twist Travelling
G381 FSH Martin Slater Round Up Replaced with S442 SVM
G448 CSG Brian Strand Side Equipment Scrapped,Replaced with SF57 KUP
G5 ERF Graham Sedgwick Experience Travelling
G542 OMB Rayner Fletcher Arcade Travelling
G834 NGA Philip Paris Funhouse Replaced with KX05 EHP
GN51 WPF Kenny Stuart Waltzer Travelling
GYJ 600G Billy White Slide Travelling
H18 CDE Raecher Hiscoe Drop Tower Travelling
H122 EFK Rayner Fletcher Simulator Ride Sold
H31 AGB Joe Taylor Waltzers Replaced with T680 BRS
H381 KFS Harrison Stewart Slide Travelling
H388 KFS Kevin Carter Joint Replaced with SF03 VPA
H695 OWC Ross Swallow Dragon Coaster Ride Sold
H857 TSH Wesley Smith Toyset Travelling
H890 XGE Billy Reader Side/Juveniles Replaced with R636 EWW
H967 SCX John Evans Waltzers Replaced with N424 GLG
HND 169V Marc Codona Waltzers Replaced with J569 TSC
HRS 539V Hornes Night Mover Waltzer Travelling
J28 MLF Sheldon Evans Juveniles Travelling
J32 LLB John Bateman Rock'O'Plane Travelling
J426 BYA Dennis Neilson Joint Retired
J532 TSC Alex James Colquhoun Ghost Train Ride Sold
J569 TSC Marc Codona Waltzers Travelling
J663 LLR Emile Davis Side Stall Unknown
K2 RFC John Carter Juveniles Travelling
K3 DHT David Thomson Superbob Replaced with PF06 GMZ
K371 LFM Harry Paris Arcade Unknown
K844 FSA Warren Evans Dodgems Unknown
KVK 594P Thoams Newton Side Equipment Retired
L106 MRS Justin Codona Waltzers Travelling
L12 ERF M&D Taylor Various Sold
L225 HAW Stewart Miller Various Unknown
L531 JSG Ervin Gamble Apple Coaster Travelling
L621 BDG Stanley Gamble Living Wagon Replaced with N292 XRM
L768 KSS Joe Richard White Twist Replaced with Y149 BSG
L869 MWT M&D Taylor Balloons Sold
L905 MWT Jensen Codona Twist Retired
L919 MWT Johnny Pullar Side/Juveniles Travelling
LSB 200H Ernie Wilmot Side/Juveniles Travelling
LSP 690P Alex Colquhoun Toyset Unknown
M132 JKH Cameron McKay Skydiver Retired
M241 KOV Thomas Holden Funhouse Travelling
M257 RSX Neil Dorward Funhouse Travelling
M301 RSX Ervin Gamble Juveniles Unknown
M313 ABP Alex Colquhoun Arcade Travelling
M471 YEH Sean Taylor Gallopers Ride Sold
M483 NBE Preston Clark Trabant Travelling
M497 XVT John Wheatley Miami Travelling
M642 XFM Billy White Side/Juveniles Travelling
M672 PRS John White Jnr Tagada Replaced with T44 BJW
M684 KOD Asa Pullar Funhouse Travelling
M858 KOD Grant Wallis Funhouse Travelling
M860 PKN Troy Taylor Tristar Replaced with W893 NST
M861 KOD Cameron McKay Funhouse Travelling
M863 KOD Jimmy Slater Waltzers Travelling
M916 SRC Morgan Miller Car Track Ride Sold
MLG 299Y Douglas Codona Twist Travelling
MK02 LGE Philip Paris Arcade Ride Sold
MK02 LHE Jensen Codona Dodgems Travelling
N213 ELG Ross Swallow Ghost Train Travelling
N223 KSU Morgan Miller Dodgems Replaced with YJ54 PBX
N229 KSU M&D Taylor Log Flume Sold
N249 NSU Chance Hanley Bingo Travelling
N271 VRM George Henry Codona Waltzers Travelling
N388 YBU Raecher Hiscoe Top Spin Travelling
N413 USB Neil Dorward Living Wagon Travelling
N419 GLG Sean Taylor Slide Replaced with ???? ???
N420 GLG Jeffrey Lovatt Arcade Travelling
N424 GLG Jordan Evans Waltzers Travelling
N426 CVP M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Replaced with P790 ASA
N429 ETU Ryan Spencer Slide/Living Wagon Travelling
N581 NUK Dean Stirling Funhouse Unknown
N581 WUK Bennett Hiscoe Dodgems Travelling
N704 WNE Robert Coates Side Travelling
N705 UHH Allan Sharp Dodgems Replaced with BX04 YVU
N966 VSS Billy Burns Funhouse Replaced with SY56 AFX
NEH 27W John Wheatley Big Wheel Ride Sold
NSL 78Y Gilbert James Carter Mirror Maze Ride Sold
NSN 168G George Robert Hanley Bingo Unknown
OSC 541V Thomas Findlay Arcade Ride Sold
P121 KYA Spencer Hiscoe Drop Tower Unknown
P122 KYA Michael Clark Arcade Unknown
P21 JBA Kenny Stuart Jolly Tubes Travelling
P480 WOS M&D Taylor Mad Mouse Unknown
P606 KSG Anthony Strand Round Up Ride Sold
P614 RGG Carrick Broughton Side/Juveniles Travelling
P853 XKS Sheldon Johnstone Skydiver Travelling
P862 EOP Sammy Stokes Ghost Train Travelling
PLS 493T Charles Walter Codona Juveniles Retired
PSK 371W John White Waltzers Ride Sold
R104 GDM Reagn Evans Slide/Juveniles Travelling
R115 YFU John Wheatley Fun Factory Replaced with PN05 ETT
R121 CDM Vance Smith Dodgems Unknown
R197 FFS Ross Swallow Simulator Unknown
R291 BNE Justin Codona Waltzers Travelling
R329 BNE Robert Henry Miller Side/Juveniles Travelling
R429 YVM Trent Irvin Arcade Sold
R547 GNS Rodney Johnstone Miami Travelling
R550 GNS Michael Stirling Waltzers Travelling
R8 PMR Damien Bateman Round Up Retired
R801 RPY Sheldon Johnstone Superbob Travelling
R881 TNN Irvin Stringfellow Twist Retired
RHD 523X Reagan Evans Dodgems Retired
RSG 586P Thomas Findlay Juveniles Unknown
S20 HRG Craig McKay Ghost Train Unknown
S442 SVM Martin Slater Round Up Travelling
S443 SVM Rodney Johnstone Dragon Coaster Travelling
S510 GFM Wesley Smith Slide Travelling
S534 CDE Chance Hanley Skydiver Replaced
S748 BGD M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Travelling
S968 SRJ Brian Hickey Simulator Travelling
SFS 99V George Pinder Side/Juveniles Retired
SF51 RRZ Jefferson Taylor Round Up Travelling
SR51 KVT Sheldon Evans Miami Travelling
SW51 LOG Ryan Colquhoun Gallopers Travelling
T337 UAE Douglas Codona Waltzers Travelling
T341 KDA Billy White Dodgems Travelling
TIB 5815 Scott Nutter Side/Juveniles Travelling
TSS 335X Steven Stirling Toyset Retired
V190 ESF Neil Dorward Arcade Travelling
W675 PRS Troy Taylor Living Wagon Travelling
W805 PGR Irvin Stringfellow Drop Tower Retired
WSH 939V John Carter Juveniles Travelling
X605 WRB Harry Miller Ghost Train Travelling
X886 FFA Martin Slater Twist Travelling
XDZ 5397 Carrick Broughton Funhouse Travelling
XKS 933V Chance Hanley Bingo Retired
XSL 428T Harry Knowles Ribtickler Retired
YSS 135T Thomas Newton Side Equipment Retired


A502 PKH Alfie Clark Side/Juveniles Replaced with TC54 TAY
A607 CRM Albert Wheatley Twist Retired
A666 URL Spencer Hiscoe Miami Replaced with WK06 EHP
A670 KEH Michael Stirling Miami Replaced with SF06 LGN
B24 SUM John Wheatley Miami Replaced with M497 XVT
B384 TST George Morrison Arcade Retired
B44 GRM Trent Irvin Arcade Replaced with SJ51 EJC
B784 RWX Sheldon Evans Miami Replaced with SR51 KVT
B84 SUM Troy Taylor Tristar Replaced with M860 PKN
B996 KSX Irvin Stringfellow Twist Replaced with M7 GGN
BU53 TUV Gavin Stirling Twist Travelling
C376 RSO Iain Morrison Waltzers Travelling
C506 TEH Sammy Stokes Funhouse Travelling
C834 CYE Eddie Pinder Funhouse Replaced
C945 YPY Darren Cowley Funhouse Replaced with YK04 BRF
D47 UVO Sheldon Johnstone Superbob Replaced with R801 RPY
D637 WSA Norman Thomas Side/Juveniles Retired
D763 FUW Stewart Miller Roller Sold
E262 BRS Allan Sharp Dodgems Replaced with BX04 YVU
E967 HRY Robert Coats Funhouse Replaced
E177 JVN Stanley Gamble Tagada Ride Sold
E178 JVN Hornes Twist Sold
E943 JVT Hornes Miami Replaced with SF08 ACU
F436 UEF Ritchie Wilmot Arcade Retired
G401 KAH Ervin Gamble Car Track Replaced with C20 LEG
G432 EFS Vance Smith Slide Retired
G458 CFS M&D Taylor Booster Replaced with A30 DT
G564 NNS Gavin Stirling Waltzers Replaced with N590 LBJ
G646 WST Asa Taylor Waltzers Replaced with GJ08 YCP
G975 ARF Darren Cowley Arcade Retired
H144 VHS Hornes Waltzers Replaced with S289 UAS
H196 JBF Brian Hickey Miami Replaced with P626 RNW
H507 DBC Trent Irvin Basketball Travelling
H609 OCY Mark Hercher Round Up Ride Scrapped
H807 RMS Iain Morrison Waltzers Travelling
HBZ 5899 Owen Taylor Dodgems Replaced with MH05 FRX
J548 DCJ Derek Charles Slater Miami Replaced with DS 8061
L112 PRE Tommy Hughes Juveniles Unknown
L623 KHH Hornes Dodgems Replaced with R77 JED
M7 GGN Irvin Stringfellow Twist Replaced with R881 TNN
MH05 FRX Owen Taylor Dodgems Travelling
MX05 ZXW Ervin Gamble Rollercoaster Travelling
N42 WVN Gavin Stirling Miami Retired
N755 FEX Irvin Stringfellow Miami Replaced
P201 TGB Douglas Codona Waltzers Travelling
P458 OLM Michael Hickey Tagada Travelling
P626 RNW Brian Hickey Miami Unknown
PY52 HWW Harrison Stirling Miami Travelling
R456 PRM Joe Taylor Waltzers Travelling
R474 OST Dean Stirling Orbiter Travelling
R559 SRA Nathaniel Codona Arcade Unknown
R633 AMX Asa Taylor Waltzers Replaced with BX07 OXA
R931 VDS Hornes Unknown Unknown
S289 UAS Hornes Waltzers Travelling
S645 COU Harrison Stirling Miami Replaced with PY52 HWW
SY04 ARU Irvin Stringfellow Afterburner Travelling
SY04 BNB Graham Sedgwick Inversion Travelling
SY06 AOL Jensen Codona Dodgems Travelling
T669 BST Douglas Codona Miami Travelling
T680 BRS Joe Taylor Waltzers Travelling
TC54 TAY Alfie Clark Side/Juveniles Travelling
W296 BOA Irvin Stringfellow Miami Retired
W893 NST Troy Taylor Tristar Travelling
X479 HEE Troy Taylor Round Up Travelling
Y149 BSG Cameron Codona Twist Travelling
Y766 WAO Stanley Gamble Jumper Travelling
YK04 BRF Darren Cowley Funhouse Travelling


BU54 OBA Nathan Smith Kiosk Travelling
H187 REX John White Jnr Tagada Replaced with M672 PRS
J191 OKX Alex Colquhoun Cranes/Juveniles Retired
K209 OGG Graeme Johnson Side Stall Travelling
N35 NGA Cameron Codona Twist Travelling
N571 KYS Johnny Testo Side/Juveniles Travelling
NX08 HKD George Pinder Side/Juveniles Travelling
NX54 BZW Jimmy Milne Kiosk Travelling
N997 LYS John King Side/Juveniles Retired
PF06 GMZ David Thomson Superbob Travelling
R246 DMX Troy Taylor Side/Juveniles Travelling
R541 DNT Redford Edwards Side/Juveniles Travelling


DK08 LFA Grant Wallis Skydiver Travelling
DK56 LFF Trent Irvin Funhouse Travelling
JJZ 3134 Reagan Evans Dodgems Travelling
L881 OYD John Bateman Misc Travelling
PX06 CSZ Irvin Stringfellow Miami Travelling
PX09 BYZ Hornes Night Mover Waltzer Travelling
SF03 FVB Reece Wheatley Rollercoaster Travelling
SF04 PZM Reece Wheatley Living Wagon Travelling
SF06 LGN Michael Stirling Miami Travelling
SF56 NRJ David Thomson Waltzers Travelling
SF56 NVP Irvin Stringfellow Twist Travelling
SN08 EXM Michael Stirling Tagada Travelling
WK06 EHP Spencer Hiscoe Miami Travelling


DE51 CRZ Billy Testo Side/Juveniles Travelling
GWS 255X Gerald Wilmot Kiosk Travelling
HX07 BTE John Thomson Race'O'Rama Travelling
J341 DSL Hornes Waltzers Replaced with SV02 FDC
K400 KVR Victor Reeves Kiosk Travelling
L20 RRB Lewis Stokes Side/Juveniles Unknown
N638 GFR John Irvin Living Wagon Travelling
P474 NSG Thomas Henry Findlay Juveniles Unknown
R650 FGA CRS Leisure Side/Juveniles Unknown
R761 XDC Joe Taylor Kiosk Travelling
RY02 XGW Aden Johnstone Side/Juveniles Travelling
S842 TVM Sean Taylor Car Track Travelling
SF57 KUP Brain Strand Side Equipment Travelling
SN05 DLY John Walter Wilmot Side/Juveniles Travelling
W938 RND John James Robertson Side Travelling
Y793 GFM Warren Taylor Juveniles Travelling


BX04 LTV Taylors Of Edinburgh Train Ride Travelling
L705 BFV Reuben Slater Challenger Unknown
MX54 AUM Derek Charles Slater Dodgems Replaced with EU04 VCN
N752 DRO Reuben Slater Dodgems Travelling
P991 FKN Reuben Slater Rock'O'Plane Travelling
S404 BUA James Hercher Twist Unknown
S404 SAT Reuben Slater Dodgems Travelling
SG02 VSJ John Wheatley Side/Juveniles Travelling


DG02 NVC Chance Hanley Skydiver Travelling
DS 8061 Derek Charles Slater Miami Travelling
K33 JHK Jared King Juveniles Travelling
M6 CYT M&D Taylor Booster Maxx Travelling
M634 PGS Hornes Support Travelling
M7 WTS M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Travelling
M862 RRM George Irvin Ghost Train Retired
M792 THH Derek Charles Slater Side Stall Travelling
MH02 OCO Derek Charles Slater Living Wagon Travelling
N590 LBJ Gavin Stirling Waltzers Travelling
P541 JSD Justin Codona Jumper Replaced with FJ53 TXX
R241 CHB Hornes Living Wagon Travelling
R77 JED Hornes Rock Star Waltzer Travelling
S587 JAL Arthur David Hancock Arcade/Bingo Replaced with MF52 OGE
SF08 ACU Hornes Miami Travelling
SF51 EJC Trent Irvin Arcade Travelling
SQL 992 Kenneth Stirling Superbob Travelling
SV04 DUH Hornes Arcade Travelling
SV52 UOP Hornes Entrance Trailer Travelling
V135 DRS Dean Stirling Funhouse Travelling
WX07 EDT Michael Stirling Waltzer Travelling
Y683 RSA Hornes Juveniles Travelling


880 RW Ritchie Wilmot Arcade Travelling
A14 ADH Arthur David Hancock Living Wagon Travelling
A30 DT M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Travelling
BX04 YVU Allan Sharp Dodgems Travelling
BX07 OSF Hornes Dodgems Travelling
BX07 OXA Asa Taylor Waltzer Travelling
BX54 OVD Aaron Boswell Ghost Train Travelling
C20 LEG Ervin Gamble Car Track Travelling
EU04 VCN DC Slater Dodgems Travelling
F84 AUS Derek Charles Slater Dodgems Travelling
FJ10 UOS Kyle & Warren Taylor Miami Travelling
FJ54 PDZ Stanley Sharp Toyset Travelling
G736 UBW Marcus Black Juveniles Travelling
GJ08 YCP Asa Taylor Waltzer Travelling
J39 BSO Wesley Clark Juveniles Retired
K3 DHT David Thomson Booster Travelling
K752 OFT Morgan Miller Side/Juveniles Travelling
KY51 CTX Carl Pinder Kiosk Travelling
L3 AVR Warren Taylor Jumper Sold
L420 KSX George Irvin Dodgems Retired
L818 CAB David Thomson Side Travelling
LK59 GZF M&D Taylor Giant Wheel Travelling
M119 WKF Brandon Miller Kiosks Replaced with Y607 BSX
M826 DBJ Hornes Dodgems Travelling
M948 LJA Hornes Support Travelling
M951 WBS James Arthur Wright Roller Coaster Ride Sold
MUI 2350 Grant Wallis Dragon Coaster Travelling
N136 GSD Emile Davis Funhouse Travelling
N19 TSS Hornes Freak Out Travelling
N21 BFS David Thomson Afterburner Replaced with Y665 UGX
N288 YMS Morgan Miller Dodgems Travelling
N292 XRM Stanley Gamble Living Wagon Travelling
P606 UAH Graham Sedgwick Rotor Travelling
P859 SYG Graham Sedgwick Living Wagon Travelling
PN05 ETT John Wheatley Fun Factory Travelling
PO54 FHR Ritchie Wilmot Cranes Travelling
R424 FKN Dean Stirling Funhouse Travelling
R636 EWW Billy Reader Side/Juveniles Travelling
R940 NSL William Cowley Stall Travelling
S562 WUK Charles MacIntyre Side/Juveniles Travelling
SD61 ONW Warren Taylor Twist Travelling
SF03 EHN Mitchell Wilmot Extreme Travelling
SF03 VPA Kevin Carter Joint Travelling
SF57 KXO Tim Findlay Side/Juveniles Travelling
SJ08 TAY Dean Stirling Funhouse Travelling
SY56 AFX Billy Burns Funhouse Travelling
T728 RSX Ritchie Wilmot Side/Juveniles Travelling
T729 RSX Tim Findlay Side/Juveniles Travelling
W693 RSF David Joseph Sharp Side/Juveniles Travelling
X507 KET John Bateman Kiosk Travelling
Y153 JAW Harry Paris Juveniles Travelling
Y607 BSX Brandon Miller Kiosks Travelling
Y665 UGX David Thomson Afterburner Travelling
YJ54 PBX Morgan Miller Dodgems Travelling
YJZ 3082 Arthur David Hancock Arcade/Bingo Travelling
YN03 EWZ Anthony Strand Juveniles Travelling
YN06 CBV Taylors of Edinburgh Gallopers Travelling
YO02 ORN Hornes Twist Travelling