Dates - 22nd-25th May 2019
Lesee - Michael Stirling

  1. "Wild Thing" Tagada - Michael Stirling
  2. Waltzer - Michael Stirling
  3. "Freefall" Miami - Michael Stirling (1ST VISIT)
  4. Dodgems - Derek Charles Slater

  1. "Big Boot" Funhouse - Philip Paris
  2. "Simpsons" Eggshells - Tim Findlay
  3. Train Ride - Tim Findlay
  4. Toyset - Derek Slater
  5. Flying Taxis - Nathaniel Codona (1ST VISIT)
  6. Bungee Trampolines - Sammy Stokes
  7. "Frozen" Funhouse - Sammy Stokes

  1. Kiosk - Kenneth Stirling
  2. Hoopla - Joe Lawson Smith
  3. Hoopla - Joe Lawson Smith
  4. Wipeout - ?? (1ST VISIT)
  5. Archery - ?? (1ST VISIT)
  6. Hoopla - Tim Findlay
  7. "Diors Candy" Kiosk - Dior Slater

DC Slaters Dodgems Paybox

DC Slaters Dodgems

DC Slaters Dodgems

DC Slaters Dodgems

DC Slaters Dodgems Scania

DC Slaters Miami Load

Derek Slaters Toyset

Dior Slaters Sweets

Joe Lawson Smiths Hoopla

Kenneth Stirlings Kiosk

Michael Stirlings Waltzer MAN

Michael Stirlings Miami

Michael Stirlings Tagada

Michael Stirlings Tagada Scania

Michael Stirlings Waltzer

Nathaniel Codonas Flying Taxis

Nathaniel Codonas IVECO

Philip Paris's Funhouse

View of the fair

Rosyth Poster

Sammy Stokes Bungee Trampolines

Sammy Stokes Funhouse Foden

Sammy Stokes Funhouse

Tim Findlays Eggshells

Tim Findlays Train Ride

Unknown Archery

Unknown DAF