Dates - 17th-27th May 2019
Lesee - Wesley Smith

  1. "Twister" Twist - Bennett Hiscoe
  2. Dodgems - Bennett Hiscoe
  3. Waltzer - David Thomson
  4. "Road To Hell" Ghost Train - Harry Miller
  5. Superbob - Sheldon Johnstone
  6. Skydiver - Grant Wallis
  7. "Superspin" Experience - Graham Sedgwick
  8. "Speed Buzz" Fun Factory - John Wheatley

  1. "Crazy Jungle" Funhouse - Dean Stirling
  2. Car Track - Harry Miller
  3. Mini Chairs - Brandon Miller
  4. Pony Express - Jonathan Wheatley
  5. Moonwalk - Billy Testo
  6. Mini Jets - Billy Testo
  7. Teacups - George Allan Hickey
  8. "Safari" Inflatable Playarea - Wesley Smith
  9. Toyset - Wesley Smith
  10. Slide - Wesley Smith
  11. "Jungle Run" Inflatable - Wesley Smith
  12. Trampolines - Dawn White
  13. Swans - Dawn White
  14. Trampolines - Sheldon Johnstone
  15. "Magic Carpet" Funhouse - Grant Wallis

  1. Hoopla - Brandon Miller
  2. "Truly Scrumptious" Donuts - Brandon Miller
  3. Inflatable Kicker - Billy Testo
  4. Hoopla - Billy Testo
  5. Donuts - Bennett Hiscoe
  6. "Food Explosion" Kiosk - Albert Sedgwick

Albert Sedgwicks Kiosk

Special Guest!

View of the fair

View of the fair

View of the fair

View of the fair

View of the fair

Ardrossan Poster

Bennett Hiscoes Dodgems

Bennett Hiscoes Dodgems Transport

Bennett Hiscoes Donuts

Bennett Hiscoes Twist

Billy Testos Inflatable Kicker

Billy Testos Mini Jets

Brandon Millers Donuts

Brandon Millers Hoopla

Brandon Millers Mini Chairs

David Thomsons Waltzer

Dawn Whites Swans

Dawn Whites Trampolines

Dean Stirlings Funhouse

George Allan Hickeys Teacups

Graham Sedgwicks Experience

Graham Sedgwicks Experience

Grant Wallis's Funhouse

Grant Wallis's Skydiver

Grant Wallis's Skydiver

Grant Wallis's Skydiver MAN

Harry Millers Car Track

Harry Millers Ghost Train

John Wheatleys Fun Factory

Jonathan Wheatleys Pony Express

Sheldon Johnstones Superbob

Sheldon Johnstones Superbob Scania

Sheldon Johnstones Trampolines

Wesley Smiths Inflatable Jungle Run

Wesley Smiths "Safari" Inflatable

Wesley Smiths Slide

Wesley Smiths Toyset