Dates - 18th-22nd May 2016
Lesee - Wesley Smith

  1. "Canguro" Jumper - Justin Codona
  2. "Starchaser" Waltzers - Justin Codona
  3. Trabant - Preston Clark
  4. "Speed Buzz" Fun Factory - John Wheatley
  5. "Air Raid" Extreme - Mitchell Wilmot
  6. "Meteorite" Round Up - Jefferson Taylor

  1. "Giant Boot" Funhouse - Harry Paris
  2. Train Ride - Scott Nutter
  3. "Jungle" Inflatable - Wesley Smith
  4. Slide - Wesley Smith
  5. Toyset - Wesley Smith
  6. Bungee Trampolines - Jefferson Taylor
  7. Mini Skydiver - Harry Paris
  8. "Outer Limits" Funhouse - John Wheatley

  1. Hoopla - Scott Nutter
  2. Joint - Scott Nutter
  3. Kiosk - Albert Sedgwick
  4. Kiosk - Paul Hart ??
  5. Hoopla - Preston Clark

ALbert Sedgwicks Kiosk

View of the fair

View of the fair

Harry Paris's Funhouse

Jefferson Taylors Bungee Trampolines

Jefferson Taylors Round Up

John Wheatleys "Speed Buzz" Fun Factory

John Wheatleys new Volvo for the "Speed Buzz"

John Wheatleys Funhouse

Justin Codonas "Canguro" Jumper

Justin Codonas "Starchaser" Waltzers

Mitchell Wilmots "Air Raid" Extreme

Mitchell Wilmots "Air Raid" Extreme

Harts Kiosk

Preston Clarks Hoopla

Preston Clarks Trabant

Preston Clarks Trabant

Scott Nutters Joint

Harry Paris's Mini Skydiver

Wesley Smiths "Safari" Inflatable

Wesley Smiths Slide

Wesley Smiths Toyset