8th AUGUST 2007 - 11th AUGUST 2007

1. "Bass Activator" Waltzers - Gavin Stirling (1ST VISIT)
2. "Yankee Flyer" Miami - Douglas Codona (1ST VISIT)
3. "Crazy Frog" Jumper - Warren Taylor
4. "Energy Storm" Streetfighter - David Thomson
5. "Trailblazer" Superbob - David Thomson
6. "Move It" Tagada - John White Jnr (1ST VISIT)
1. Train Ride - Thomas Henry Findlay
2. Toyset - Thomas Henry Findlay
3. Eggshells - Thomas Henry Findlay
4. Mini Chairs - John King
5. "Fairytale Castle" Funhouse - Dean Stirling
6. Trampolines - Alex Colquhoun
7. Trampolines - Robertson Bros.
8. Teacups - William Thomson
1. "Lady Luck" Arcade - Alex Colquhoun
2. Side Stall - Dean Stirling
3. Side Stall - John King
4. Side Stall - William Thomson
5. Pick - Ingram Noble
6. Cranes - Alex Colquhoun
7. "Hot Shots" Shooter - John James Robertson

Hooplas by Ingram Noble, John James Robertson, Dean Stirling, and Robertson Bros.


WARREN TAYLORS "CRAZY FROG" JUMPER - The "Frogs" are now a regular at the fair and was riding really well when I visited.

View of the fair     Forth Rail Bridge     John Kings Mini Chairs     Douglas Codonas Miami     Douglas Codonas Miami

Gavin Stirlings Waltzers     David Thomsons Streetfighter     John James Robertsons Shooter     View of the fair     William Thomsons Teacups

John Whites Tagada     Warren Taylors Jumper     Warren Taylors Jumper     Charles MscIntyres Eggshells     Gavin Stirlings Waltzers

David Thomsons Superbob     Alex Colquhouns Cranes     Attractions at South Queensferry     Gavin Stirlings Waltzer Foden     Alex Colquhouns Arcade ERF