29th MARCH 2007 - 10th APRIL 2007
Lesee - M&D TAYLOR

1. "Bomber 2" Booster - M&D Taylor
2. "Eclipse" Contact - M&D Taylor
3. "Mad Mouse" Coaster - M&D Taylor
4. Giant Wheel - M&D Taylor
5. "Spiderman" Jumper - M&D Taylor (SCOTTISH DEBUT)
6. "Big Apple" Coaster - Ervin Gamble
7. Tagada - Stanley Gamble
8. "Shockwave" Miami - Colin & Darren Noble (1ST VISIT)(VISITING)
9. "Sizzler" Twist - Alan Stokes (1ST VISIT)(VISITING)
1. Toyset - Hugh Smith
2. Ladybirds - Gamble & Miller
3. Slide - Gamble & Miller
4. Toyset - Stanley Gamble
5. Jumping Jack - Jon Manders
6. "Royal Scot" Train Ride - Scott Nutter
7. "Jungle Run" Inflatable - Wesley Smith
1. "Pleasure Dome" Arcade - JA Cowley
2. "Glass House" Mirror Maze - Jon Manders
3. Simulator - Jon Manders
4. Joint - Scott Nutter
5. "World Casino" Pick - Roland Stewart

Hooplas by Scott Nutter, Roland Stewart


COLIN & DARREN NOBLES "SHOCKWAVE" MIAMI - This is the first time, I think, that Scotland has seen a new Funlight made Miami and it certainly left an impression on me. Very bright and colourful and for some reason it stood out from the other rides.

Nobles Miami     Nobles Miami     M&D Taylors Coaster     M&D Taylors Coaster     Alan Stokes Twist

M&D Taylors Spiderman     M&D Taylors Spiderman     M&D Taylors Spiderman     More Spiderman     M&D Taylors Booster

M&D Taylors Booster     Ervin Gambles Coaster     Hugh Smiths Toyset     Jon Manders Mirror Maze     M&D Taylors Giant Wheel

M&D Taylors Giant Wheel     Stanley Gambles Tagada     M&D Taylors Contact     M&D Taylors Contact     Jon Manders Jumping Jack