Our annual visit to the Town Moor this year was the best ever. Plenty of sunshine and plenty of photos taken. Here are some of the main attractions at this years Hoppings including M&D's new Around the World Tower and Billy Crows Exciter.

Abie Danters "Air" Starshape

Abie Danters "Wild Mouse" Coaster

Alan Crows brand new Dodgems

Alan Crows "Crazy Frog" Jumper

Alan Crows "Energy Storm" Waltzer

Andrew Hariness Seastorm

Barron Hariness Dumbos

Billy Crows "King Frog" Jumper

Billy Crows "Exposure" Miami

Billy Crows "Exciter" Tip Top

Billy Crows "Exciter" Tip Top

Billy Crows "Cyclone" Twist

Billy Freemans Rotor

Billy Freemans Waltzer

Brett Grahams Gallopers

Colin & Darren Nobles Dodgems

Derek Hacketts Project X

Elliot Crows "Speed Buzz" Booster

Freddy Stokes "Mach 5" Booster Maxx

Gerald Reeves "Ice Jet" Matterhorn on a first time visit

Gilbert Chadwicks Ghost Train

Graham Sedgwicks "Superspin" Experience

Graham Sedgwicks "Rock Rage" Inversion

Graham Sedgwicks "Sticky Wall" Rotor

James Crecrafts Super Trooper

James Mellors "Fantasy Mouse" Coaster

James Stokes "Family" Coaster

James Stokes Over The Top

Jamie Clarks "Auto Skooter" Dodgems

Jamie Clarks Freak Out

Jamie Clarks "Moondancer" Miami

Jamie Clarks Superbowl

Jamie Whitings Runaway Train

Jamie Whitings Ghost Train

Jamie Whitings Ski Jump

Joe William Whiteleggs Top Scan

John Holdsworths Rodeo

John Murphys Dodgems

Jonathan Scarrotts Starflyer on a first visit to the fair

John Wesseldines "Toboggan" Coaster

John Wesseldines Trabant visiting the fair for the first time

Jon Manders Simulator

Jordan Croles Rotor

Keith Turners "Licenced To Thrill" Jumper

Keith Turners "Odeon" Tagada

Keith Turners Waltzer

Kent Litliernhurnests "Oxegen" Enterprise

M&D's Giant Wheel No.3 on a first visit to the fair

Also on a first visit, M&D's recently purchased "Around the World" Tower

M&D's "Around The World" Tower

M&D's "Around The World" Tower

Macauley Harts Rollercoaster

Marrissa Shaws Waltzer

Michael Gallaghers Twist

Michael Houghtons "Topstar" Superstar

Michael Wallis "Vertigo" Booster

Michael Smiths "Space Roller" Round Up

Premier Attractions "Jungle River" Log Flume, back after a few years absence

Reece Wheatleys "Frozen" Coaster on a first visit to the fair

Richard Smiths Skydiver

Ryan Crows "The Beast" Afterburner

Scott Pullens Matterhorn

Sheldon Locks "Toro Loco" Rodeo

Stanley Freemans Tip Top

Stanley Freemans Tip Top

Stanley Reeves "Atmosfear" Loopfighter

Stanley Reeves Reverse Bungee

Steven Hills Miami

Stewart Robinsons Tagada

Tony Litliernhurnests Superbob

Tony Litliernhurnests Superheroes

Warren James Take Off

William Henry Clarks Freak Out

William Henry Clarks Waltzer