A look back at various grounds & equipment from last year.

Hornes "Night Mover" Waltzer kicked of February at Leiths Ocean Terminal

Allan Newsome started off in Blantyre

Thomsons tried something different with a 'Frozen' themed event at Loch Lomond.

Also at the event was Reece Wheatleys new Rollercoaster making its Scottish debut.

In March, Thomsons opened at the Coasters Centre in Falkirk.

A good selection of rides were on offer in Falkirk including Rodney Johnstones Matterhorn.

Over in the west, Funtime Carnivals opened in Kilmarnock with their wristband fair.

Their new Twist was open for its 2nd fair after making its debut at the Irn-Bru Carnival.

The 'Experience' Miami riding full at Kilmarnock.

Hornes new Miami was making its 1st appearance at the firms March visit to Ayr Racecourse.

John Whites Tagada riding full at Allan Newsomes fair in Kilwinning.

Gavin Stirlings Twist in Bo'Ness.

Hiscoes Fair at Braehead.

Also in March, Funtime Carnivals tried a new site on Glasgow Green, next to Nelsons Column.

Morgan Millers Dodgems at Glasgow Green.

At the end of March, Codonas presented a large fair in Wishaw.

At the fair Jonathan Wheatley presented his Pony Express ride for the first time.

Taylors of Edinburgh kicked off April in Clydebank with their wristband fair.

Their Train Ride was laid out around the outside of the fair.

Also at the start of April, Thomsons returned to Loch Lomond Shores for an Easter fair with their new Race'O'Rama making its debut.

At the same time, M&D Events opened infront of Ocean Terminal, their Waveswinger was one of the attractions open.

Cameron Codona presented the usual pre-Kirkcaldy fair at Perths South Inch car park.

Included in the line up was Graeme Johnsons simulator open for the first time in his ownership.

Gavin Stirling opened in Denny for their April fair.

Also just before Kirkcaldy, Trevor Smith opened a fair in Maryhill.

A surprise attraction at the fair was George Henry Codonas "Star Attraction" Waltzer.

Before Kirkcaldy, Hornes opened at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Some of the attractions at Musselburgh.

Allan Newsome continued trying new grounds, this time in Knightswood.

Dean Stirlings Orbiter was one of the star attractions.

On to the big one now, Kirkcaldy. Dean Stirling finally got his massive Funhouse open at the fair.

The very impressive Booster Maxx from Freddie Stokes.

Now becoming a Kirkcaldy favourite, Gerald Reeves Matterhorn.

Carousel Funfairs Starflyer offering stunning views.

Back after missing last years fair, Ryan Colquhouns Gallopers with newly decorated rounding boards.

Abie Danters "Air" on its usual position at the entrance to the fair.

With only one ride between them, it was the battle of the Freak Outs.

A regular visitor to the fair, Andrew Hariness Seastorm.

And James Stokes Over The Top.

Towards the end of April, Gavin Stirling opened in Bonnybridge.

After Kirkcaldy some of the attractions opened at John Evans fair in Alloa.

Thomsons presented a nice wee fair on the Vue cinema car park in Stirling.

Graham Sedgwicks "Superspin" was a favourite at the fair.

Moving into May now, W&H Funfairs opened their fair in Coupar Angus.

Hornes paid their usual visit to Caird Park in Dundee.

John Capps Derby Racer at Caird Park.

Hornes Freak Out riding full again.

Some of the other fairs in May were Taylors of Edinburgh in Renfrew.

John Evans fair at Alva.

Trevor Smiths fair at Airdrie.

And Thomsons large fair at Livingston.

Continuing Codonas run a new places, they opened on the car park of Cumbernaulds shopping centre.

Graham Sedgwicks "Rock Rage" Inversion was the star attraction.

Also in May, Taylors Of Edinburgh opened in Penicuik with a few surprise rides.

Michael Wallis's "North Pole" Starflyer

Michael Wallis's "Vertigo" Booster

And Michael Houghtons Superstar.

Michael Stirling opened a small fair for Rosyths Gala Day.

John Evans fair in Airdrie at the end of May.

Also at the end of May, Dennys Gala Day.

Included Sheldon Johnstones Skydiver.

Hornes had brilliant weather for their fair in Bathgate.

Irvin Stringfellows Miami opened in Bathgate for the first time.

Irvin Stringfellows "Extreme" Afterburner thrilling fairgoers at Edinburgh Meadows.

In June, Derek Thomas's "Big Shock" was open at Falkirks Gala.

Joe Taylors Waltzer in Hawick.

Also in June, Hiscoes small fair in West Linton.

Burntisland Summer Fairground got underway.

These 2 attractions only open at Burntisland.

Stanley Gambles "Jumpin" Jumper is a regular at the fair.

Trent Irvins giant Funhouse also at Burntisland.

George Henry Codonas "Viva Mexico" Miami was open in Harthill with a new decor.

Still in June, Martin Slaters Round Up at Lanark.

Funtime Carnivals were on a new site in Fauldhouse.

Funtimes old Twist was on its first outting of the year.

W&H Funfairs Dragon Coaster was new at Fauldhouse.

Bennett Hiscoes Dodgems open in Selkirk.

As was Kenny Stuarts Waltzer.

Hornes returned to Peebles to present their annual fair.

Including Frazer Coates Ghost Train.

While up in Loanhead, Martin Slater was open with his new "King Sizzler" Twist at the towns gala.

Codonas funfair in support of Polbeths Gala.

George Henry Codonas fair in support of the town Gala towards the end of June.

Michael Stirlings popular Tagada open in Whitburn.

Michael Stirlings fair in St.Ninians, Stirling.

Kenneth Stirlings "Miami" Superbob at St.Ninians.

Kenny Stuarts annual summer stay on Anstruthers Pier.

In July, Spencers returned to Perth with their 1 fair.

Including the companys Waltzer.

And Sheldon Evans "La Bamba" Miami.

The Showmans Guild presented the annual Alva Highland Games.

John Irvins array of equipment at Alva.

Mid-July and the Burntisland games had taken place meaning the fairground was at its fullest.

Including Chance Hanleys Skydiver.

David Thomsons "Trailblazer" Superbob.

Mitchell Wilmots "Air Raid" Extreme.

And Raecher Hiscoes "Nitro" Top Spin.

At the start of August, Hiscoes paid their annual visit to Bridge of Allan for the Highland Games.

Raecher Hiscoes "Nitro" Top Spin at Bridge of Allan.

Gavin Stirling presented a small fair for the return of the Bonnybridge Gala.

The firms new Trabant ride was open at its first fair.

Also at the start of August, Inverkeithing street fair for their Highland Games.

Douglas Codonas Miami, now a regular in Inverkeithing.

In Burntisland, Thomsons Booster moved positions to get the firms Streetfighter in.

The annual fair in South Queensferry held along the waterfront.

Craig McKays "Rock'N'Roll" Dodgems were on a first time visit.

And Carrick Broughtons "Roller Ghoster" Ghost Train was also open.

The middle of the month saw the annual fair return to Edinburgh Meadows in support of the Edinburgh Festival.

A few surprise attractions attended including David Taylors Waltzer.

And making its debut was his Smashing Jump ride.

Michael Harris travelled up from England to present his Superstar.

Thomsons returned to West End Park in Alloa at the end of August.

Preston Clarks Trabant was a newcomer to the fair and proving very popular.

At the start of September the town of Largs hosts a fair along the promenade inconjuction with its Viking Festival.

Reece Clarks Dumbos at Largs, which are open all season too.

Also here was Stanley Gambles Jumper which was riding full everytime.

Just as Largs was finishing, Charlie Horne collected his new "King Sizzler" Twist and opened it at Riverside Park in Dundee.

Also at Riverside, Hornes Miami.

Trevor Smith returned to Airdrie to present the back end fair.

And finally, Spencers brought their popular 1 to Eddlewood in Hamilton.