10 YEARS AGO!.......2007
Heres a look back at 2007 across various grounds. How many pieces of equipment no longer travel??

A firm regular favourite at Kirkcaldy, Abie Danters Rollercoaster (April)

Alan Stokes "Sizzler" Twist open at M&D's Planet Fun in Portobello (March)

Albert Reids "Goldmine" Coaster, Greenock (March)

Alex Colquhouns "Lady Luck" Arcade, Glasgow Green (July)

Alex Colquhouns Cranes, South Queensferry (August)

Alex Colquhouns Toyset, Glasgow Green (July)

Alfie Clarks Magic Mirrors, Dundee Riverside (September)

Alfie Clarks Ribtickler, Dundee Riverside (September)

Andrew Taylors Toyset, Edinburgh Meadows (August)

Anthony Strands "Nintendoland" Funhouse, South Inch (October)

Arthur David Hancocks Dance Studio, Burntisland (July)

Arthur Lawrences Arcade, Dumfries Rood (September)

Asa Pullars Funhouse & Apple Ride, Nairn (August)

Asa Pullars Mini Chairs, St.Andrews (August)

Bennett Hiscoes Dodgems, Hawick (June)

Bennett Hisoces Twist, Dunkeld (August)

Benny Codonas "Shockwave" Waltzer, Alloa (May)

Billy Burns "Crazy Circus" Funhouse, Hamilton (April)

Billy Johnsons "Space Shuttle" Rock'O'Plane, Dunkeld (August)

Billy Testos Teacups, Fauldhouse (June)

Billy Whites Hoopla, Dunkeld (August)

Billy Whites Swingboats, Burntisland (July)

Billy Whites Toyset, South Inch (October)

Bob Wilsons "Chaos" Afterburner, Kirkcaldy (April)

Brandon Millers Hoopla, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Brian Hickeys "Remix" Miami, Broxburn (June)

Cameron McKays Skydiver, Kelso (July)

Carrick Broughtons Mini Waltzer, Edinburgh Meadows (August)

Chance Hanleys Skydiver, Glasgow Green (July)

Charlie Wallis's Bingo, Whitburn (June)

Clifford Codonas Waltzer, Burntisland (June)

Clifford Dawsons Train Ride, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Colin & Darren Nobles Miami, Portobello (March)

Craig McKays Ghost Train, Kelso (July)

Damien Batemans Round Up, Dumfries (September)

Danny Knowles Bingo, Burntisland (June)

Darren Cowleys Arcade, East Kilbride (April)

Darren Cowleys Mini Skydiver, East Kilbride (April)

Darren Nobles Powersurge, Kirkcaldy (April)

David Joseph Sharps Arcade, Alva (July)

David Mitchells Ladybirds, Bo'Ness (June)

David Thomsons "Energy Storm" Streetfighter, Burntisland (July)

David Thomsons "Trailblazer" Superbob, Bathgate (June)

DC Slaters "Canguro" Jumper, Kelso (July)

Dean Stirlings Aladdin Ride, Whitburn (June)

Dean Stirlings "Fairytale Castle" Funhouse, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Dean Stirlings Hoopla, South Queensferry (August)

Dennis Neilsons Joint, Kelso (July)

Derek Slaters "Showtime Madness" Funhouse, Galashiels (June)

Douglas Codonas Miami, South Queensferry (August)

Douglas Codonas Toyset, Dumfries (September)

Douglas Codonas Twist, Dumfries (September)

Douglas Codonas "Coronation" Waltzer, Dumfries (September)

Eddie Pinders "Indys Trail" Funhouse, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Edwin Pinders "Carnival Magic" Funhouse, Bathgate (June)

Emile Davis's Side Stall, Braehead (September)

Ernie Wilmots Toyset, Burntisland (June)

Fred Wheatleys Funhouse, Nairn (August)

Garry Leachs Ghost House, Kirkcaldy (April)

Gavin Stirlings Twist, Falkirk (April)

Gavin Stirlings Waltzer, Leith (June)

George Allan Hickeys Funhouse & Toyset, Dundee Riverside (September)

George Henry Codonas "Star Attraction" Waltzer, Greenock (May)

George Irvins Toyset, Bathgate (May)

George Pinders Mini Chairs, Burntisland (July)

George Robert Hanleys Bingo, Bathgate (May)

George Robert Hanleys Toyset, Burntisland (June)

Gilbert James Carters Mirror Maze, Kirkcaldy (April)

Glen Millers Round Up, East Calder (June)

Graham Johnsons Skid, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Graham Sedgwicks "Superspin" Experience, Leith (June)

Graham Sedgwicks Freak Out, St.Andrews (August)

Harry Knowles Ribtickler, Burntisland (June)

Harry Paris's Arcade, Falkirk (April)

Harry Smiths Arcade, St.Andrews (August)

Henry Evans "Reflex" Experience, Whitburn (June)

Hornes "Monte Carlo" Car Track, Dundee Riverside (September)

Hornes Chair'O'Planes, Burntisland (June)

Hornes "Play-City" Giant Cranes, Kirkcaldy (April)

Hornes "Pole Position" Dodgems, Kirkcaldy (April)

Hornes "Jumpin" Jumper, St.Andrews (August)

Hornes Miami, Dundee Riverside (September)

Hornes Twist, Dundee Riverside (September)

Hornes "Hard Rock" Waltzer, Nairn (August)

Hugh Smiths Bingo, Glasgow Green (July)

Hugh Smiths Toyset, Stenhousemuir (September)

Irvin Stringfellows "Viva Mexico" Miami, Fauldhouse (June)

Irvin Stringfellows Mirror Maze, Glasgow Green (May)

Irvin Stringfellows "Twister" Twist, Fauldhouse (June)

James Biddalls Hoopla, Bridge Of Allan (August)

James Paris's "Euro Paris" Car Track, Dumfries (March)

James Stokes Maze Of Terror, Kirkcaldy (April)

Jensen Codonas "Street Dancer" Miami, Alva (July)

Jensen Codonas "Sizzler" Twist, Alva (July)

Jim Patersons Hoopla, Dumfries (September)

Jimmy Slaters "Wipe Out" Waltzer, Kelso (July)

Joe Richard Whites Twist, Stenhousemuir (September)

Joe Sedgwicks Dodgems, Edinburghs Meadows (June)

Joe Taylors Waltzer, Kirkcaldy (April)

Joe Whites "Hellchaser" Ghost Train, Grangemouth (June)

John Anthony Cowleys "Pleasure Dome" Arcade, Falkirk Stadium (May)

John Bagnalls "Crazy Circus" Funhouse, Kirkcaldy (April)

John Bagnalls Superbowl, Kirkcaldy (April)

John Batemans Rock'O'Plane, Edinburgh Meadows, (August)

John Capps Derby Racer, Kirkcaldy (April)

John Carters Toyset, Kirkcaldy (April)

John Evans "Peoples Mover" Waltzer, Gullane (July)

John Irvins Bungee Trampolines, Burntisland (June)

John Thomsons Car Track, Alva (July)

John Thomsons Hoopla, Dumfries Rood (September)

John Tom Taylors Arcade, Glasgow Green (July)

John Wheatleys "Speed Buzz" Fun Factory, Burntisland (July)

John Wheatleys "Limbo Dancer" Miami, Nairn (August)

John Whites Tagada, Kirkcaldy (April)

Johnny Pullars Baby Applr Ride, St.Andrews (August)

Jon Manders Glass Maze, Kirkcaldy (April)

Jonathan Harts "Lost Jungle" Funhouse, Kirkcaldy (April)

Justin Codonas Waltzer, Cumbernauld (April)

Kevin Carters Ladybirds, Dumfries (March)

Kevin Carters "Treasured Gifts" Stall, Burntisland (July)

Martin & DC Slaters Miami, Leith Links (June)

M&D Taylors Booster Maxx, Falkirk Stadium (May)

M&D Taylors "Mad Mouse" Rollercoaster, Greenock (May)

M&D Taylors "Eclipse" Contact, Falkirk (May)

M&D Taylors Giant Wheel, Greenock (May)

M&D Taylors "Spiderman" Smashing Jump, Falkirk Stadium (May)

Mark Herchers "Rave Cage" Round Up, Nairn (August)

Martin Slaters "Asteroid" Round Up

Melvyn Reids Mini Jets, Cumbernauld (April)

Michael Clarks Arcade, Whitburn (June)

Michael Hickeys "Firestarter" Tagada, East Kilbride (April)

Michael O'Briens Big Wheel, Leith Links (June)

Michael O'Briens Superbob, Leith Links (June)

Michael Stirlings "Freefall" Miami, East Kilbride (April)

Michael Stirlings "Christers" Twist, East Kilbride (April)

Michael Stirlings "Hellchaser" Waltzer, East Kilbride (April)

Nathaniel Codonas Arcade, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Perrin Matthews Tango, Kirkcaldy (April)

Peter Swallows Toyset, East Kilbride (April)

Philip Paris's "Big Boot" Funhouse & Teacups, Coatbridge (May)

Planet Fun Entrance, Falkirk Stadium (May)

Preston Irvins Toyset, Hawick (June)

Randall Taylors Gallopers, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Rayner Fletchers Simulator, Dumfries Rood (September)

Ritchie Stirlings Side Stall, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Ritchie Wilmots Arcade, Prestwick (September)

Rodney Johnstones Rollercoaster, Linwood (April)

Rodney Johnstones Skydiver, Fauldhouse (June)

Roland Stewarts Giant Pick, Dumfries Rood (September)

Rueben Slaters Dodgems, Kelso (July)

Rueben Slaters Challenger, Kelso (July)

Rueben Slaters Rock'O'PLane, Kelso (July)

Ryan Colquhouns Mini Gallopers, Dumfries Rood (September)

Ryan Spencers "Rythmn Master" Waltzer, South Inch (April)

Sean Taylors Car Track, Stenhousemuir (September)

Sheldon Evans "La Bamba" Miami, Burntisland (June)

Sheldon Evans Skydiver, East Calder (June)

Sheldon Johnstones Superbob, South Inch (October)

Sheldon Stewarts Trampolines, Braehead (September)

Spencer Hiscoes Funhouse, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Spencer Hiscoes Miami, Braehaed (September)

Spencer Hiscoes "Tempest" Skydiver, Dunkeld (August)

Spencer Hiscoes "Drop Zone" Tower, Braehead (September)

Stanley Gambles Slide, Burntisland (June)

Stanley Gambles Tagada, Burntisland (July)

Stanley Sharps Dodgems, Greenock (May)

Steven Stirlings Toyset, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Stewart Millers "Buggys" Car Track, Meadows (June)

Stewart Millers "Toboggan" Rollercoaster, Kirkcadly (April)

Thomas Findlays Arcade, Whitburn (June)

Thomas Findlays Mini Octopus, Burntisland (June)

Thomas Holdens Teacups, Fauldhouse (June)

Thomas Irvins Joint, Stranraer (September)

Thomas Newtons Bingo, Glasgow Green (July)

Thomas Stewarts Hoopla, Dundee Riverside (September)

Tommy Andersons Arcade, Kelso (July)

Tommy Hughes Toyset, Kelso (July)

Trent Irvins Arcade, Dumfries Rood (September)

Trent Irvins Arcade, Linwood (April)

Trent Irvins Basketball, Burntisland (July)

Trent Irvins Cranes, Burntisland (June)

Trevor Smiths Dodgems, Coatbridge (September)

Trevor Smiths Shooter, Dumfries Rood (September)

Troy Taylors Tristar, Alva (July)

Vance Smiths Dodgems, East Kilbride (April)

Warren & Asa Taylors Pony Express, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Walter Murphys "2xtreme" Capriolo, Alloa (May)

Warren Evans Dodgems, Burntisland (June)

Warren Taylors "Crazy Frog" Jumper, Bridge Of Allan (August)

Wesley Clarks Chair'O'Planes, Greenock (May)

Wesley Smiths Slide, St.Andrews (August)