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Welcome to Scotlands Funfairs, a website dedicated to the Scottish travelling funfair. With hundreds of funfairs happening throughout the year, I have put together this website to showcase some of the fairs with photos and reports of rides that attend. Throughout the year I will try to get to as many fairs as I can and post pictures from what that fair had to offer, together with a dedicated database of scottish travelling rides and attractions, Scotlands Funfairs is the place to go to find out what is happening in a town near you.

Why? I hear you ask! Well, I first fell in love with the shows in 2002 when I was taken to Joe Taylors spring fair at Dunfermline by my friends. I got talking to Joe and he told me that the his Waltzer was going to Kirkcaldy Links Market after the current fair. I failed to understand how the ride could be transported which gave me an image in my head of a giant crane lifting the Waltzer and transporting it down to Kirkcaldy! Later that day I googled the travelling fair and came across Bill Edwards site All The Fun Of The Fair and from then on in I was hooked. I spent all night looking at all the different rides in the UK and how they were packed up into loads and transported onto their next fair. One thing I noticed though was the lack of information from the Scottish section, so I taught myself how to create a simple website and how to upload and host it. From then I seen my passion grow from 17 fairs in 2002 to 130 fairs in 2008.

In 2008 I decided to give the website up due to family and work commitments but still followed the seasons through the Worlds Fair newspaper and the many other sites dedicated to the Scottish Travelling Fair. (Once an enthusiast, always an enthusiast!). In 2016 after many requests to bring my website back, I decided to start up my website again showcasing some of the fairs I have attended. I cant imagine me visiting as many fairs as I did back in 2008 but I will get to what fairs I can, when I can. If you can help the site in anyway please get in contact with myself at

Happy fairgoing, Mark